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Last Week of Term 3 w/b 14.02.22

The children have worked very hard and last week was no different. They were learning about climate change and global warming. The impact of fossil fuels being burned, so they conducted a 10 minute traffic survey. They also learned how nature can help reverse this process by planting more trees and resorting sea grass meadows within our oceans. From all the information gathered, each child wrote a news paper report on Sea Grass.

The week ahead, we return to thinking about hot and cold countries with the aim of creating a travel brochure, leaflet or a TV advert for a country of their choice. We will focus on the persuasive language used to entice travellers and holiday makers.

Maths- Revision of column addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, money and statistics.

Music- Using our new resource Charanga.

Snack - Please provide your child with a healthy snack during break time and fresh water daily.

Hope you all have a good week.

A few photos of children highlighting the features of a newspaper and conducting their traffic survey using tally charts.

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