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Investigators, Term 5 Week 1

I hope you all had a restful Easter holiday and that the children are looking forward to returning to school.

This term we will be having a geography focus; hoping to get out and about completing some fieldwork. This first week will be a recap and familiarisation with the world map to see how much the class can remember from previous studies. We'll also be shooting off looking at the 7 wonders of the world and their locations (unfortunately not in person!)

As was the case last term, we will be joined by Endeavour Year 5 for our English lessons to allow the Year 6 practice time for SATs. This week we will be honing our personification skills and creating poetry that uses all the figurative writing tools we've been learning. We'll also be completing a reading comprehension assessment as well as a maths assessment of the areas covered so far before moving onto some decimal work.

On Thursday we'll be holding auditions for the Upper School Play - Robin Hood and the Sherwood Hoodies. All children were given copies of the script before the holidays so that they could look through it and decide if they wanted to audition for a part. There are a wide range of parts so we hope that all who want to have a speaking part can.

A reminder that swimming sessions have finished and so Year 4 will be back to having PE on a Monday and Friday when we'll be playing tennis and rounders. Year 5 will remain with PE on a Monday and Forest School on a Tuesday.

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