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Investigators - End of Term 1!

What a lovely end to our first term of the year.

The children loved looking at all the pumpkins brought in from home -there were some really imaginative ones.

What a scary bunch! I asked the children to say 'Halloween' as I took this photo which didn't come out as successfully as I had hoped!

We also marked today with the first ever, Investigator's Awards. Awards for kindness, independence, preparedness, friendliness and more! I am very proud of the children for making well-considered decisions in their voting. 10 awards - certificates and medals - were given to 10 worthy winners. It was a real joy to give these out for such lovely traits shown this term.

A couple of things to note:

Homework - There is no homework as such, I believe the children do need a little rest before we begin next term as it will be full steam ahead once we return. However, we will have an extended spelling test during our first week back. All of this half term's spellings will be included so please encourage the children to have a look through their planner and practise them.

Please also practise times tables. We will be introducing a quick recall activity (not necessarily a test), where the children will be asked to answer a large number of times table facts within 5 minutes. So any practise would be great for them.

PE - Next term, our whole class PE lesson will be on a Thursday. I am sorry to change the routine but we will be doing football and to use the all weather pitch, we need to change days. We will be playing in all weathers! So please ensure that your child has a waterproof coat with them. We may also use the walled garden so if you are able to bring in football boots, that would be brilliant, we do have lots of spare pairs we can lend for the term if not. Our first lesson will be on the all weather pitch, so no boots needed for the first week.

Forest School - After a very wet FS session last week, it has been agreed that if children do not have sufficient waterproof clothing, they will sadly be unable to take part in FS. They need a waterproof coat and waterproof boots (or wellies) at the very least. Please do let me know if this is a problem -it is purely to keep the children warm and dry during their outside learning.

The rain did make for some fantastic aqueduct designs which the children were challenged to, not only make, but transport water along too!

Lastly, the children have been truly brilliant this term. I hope that you are able to spend some time having fun, resting and recuperating and I look forward to welcoming you all back next term.

Best wishes, Mrs Burbedge

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