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Investigator T2Wk2

What a fabulous first week back! Investigator bounced back into school for the new term with a great attitude - ready to settle down and carry on with their learning. We started our new North America geography topic and the class have gained an overview of the countries, their location and the richness and diversity of human and physical gegraphical features. They also began to research a country of their choosing in order to write a more detailed report.

This week, they will continue researching their chosen country and writing the report. Some of the main challenges are proving to be ensuring that a formal tone is used for this type of writing, avoiding opinions and sticking to the facts.

Later in the week, we will take some time to look at war poetry ahead of Armisitice Day and Remembrance Sunday.


Y4 will begin a unit on the inverse operations muliplication and division.

Y5 begin a unit consolidating and extending their understanding of fractions.


Y4 are finding out about electrical circuits and conductivity. Last week we had fun building circuits at school and I have asked them to think about electrical circuits in their own homes. Please encourage children to have a think about electricity use in the home.

Y5 continue their work on forces and are investigating air resistance.


Children have weekly spellings to learn as homework and are also expected to complete the next 'test' in their English Skills workbook. Children may not manage to complete all sections in each test - I would just ask that they spend 30 minutes doing as much as they can.

This week's maths homework on Atom practises the week's work on Area for Y4s and Square and Cube numbers for Y5s.

Football Tournament this week

Good luck to the Year 4 boys who will be representing the school at the football tournament on Wednesday.

Have a great week!

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