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Investigator T2 Wk4

Children in Need

We started the week with the excitement of the remarkable Angelos, Pudsey and the BBC Children in Need film crew's visit. Although it didn't quite go to plan, it was an interesting insight into the world of live broadcasting. The children were brilliant and did their bit marvellously.

Throughout the week they threw themsleves into the Bearpee challenge adding nearly 3,000 to the school total.

Topic work and writing.

Last week we used the pictures in 'The Man Who Walked Between the Towers' and images of New York City to inpsire an urban setting description. This week sees us focus on the extraordinary Frenchman man who undertook the incredible feat. We have already looked at some of his biographical details in French. This week we will look at features of biographical writing and write his biography.

Special events this week

We plan to mark Thanksgiving later in the week on Thursday. We'll find out about this special day which is celebrated in many countires around the world as well as in the USA and Canada.

Another Brick in the Wall

What a great experience it was for the Nettlebed pupils who performed at Café Chaos' gig on Saturday night. They provided the children's choir in the band's rendition of Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick in the Wall'. They were fantastic! They were also a little scary, singing in character as angry, rebellious kids. Many thanks to Mr Stainsby, Peter (our drum teacher) and Café Chaos for making it happen.

In rehearsal:

Saturday night

Backstage, preparing to make an entrance The live performance

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