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Investigator T1 Wk6

Thank you for coming to Parents' Evening last week. It is always a pleasure to welcome you in to the classroom and to share information about the children. It has been a busy start to the year and it is hard to believe that Term 1 is soon coming to a close. Last week saw some special events with Year 5 enjoying Thursday's Literary Festival trip and the whole class taking part in the Skipping Workshop on Friday (see photo gallery below).

Next week's learning

Topic work and English writing

In our history topic work so far this term, we have focused on a land battle and a sea battle. This week we focus on the WWII military campaign which came to be known as the Battle of Britain. We will find out how the Royal Air Force and the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy defended the United Kingdom against large-scale attacks by Nazi Germany's air force, the Luftwaffe. In English we will look at features of persuasive writing, taking inspiration from the wartime speeches of Winston Churchill.

War Horse

We continue to enjoy our class reading book and it has been pleasing to see children gaining in confidence and wanting to read aloud to the class. The story has generated some interesting discussions about horses, human kindness and the horrors of war.


Y4 continue with their addition and subtraction unit and Y5 with their multiplication and division unit.

Please encourage children to keep practising their multiplication facts by logging into their Times Tables Rockstars accounts at home. This kind of practice really helps children to develop automaticity in these facts.

Friday's Skipping Workshop

Scroll through the photos of Investigator's skipping workshop by clicking the arrow on the right of the picture. It was a joy to see the children showing their existing skills and learning new ones. Some found it easy, some quite hard and some got frustrated. Everyone, however, gave it their all and I think some surprised themselves with what they could achieve.

Have a wonderful week!

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