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Investigator Class, Week 6, Term 3

I am very much looking forward to joining Year 5 & 6 at Yenworthy next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I have been to Oxfordshire centres in Wales before but not to the centre in North Devon. I am sure we will all have a lot of fun and hope the Year 4’s will not miss us too much!

In my absence the Year 4’s will be continuing their topic on South America. This week they will be focusing on the Amazon River and the Rainforest. In particular they will be looking at the different layers within the rainforest and the animals that make it their home. This will feed directly into our English work as we look at writing a non chronological report on an Amazonian animal. I look forward to planning and researching this further with them on Thursday on my return with the big write on Friday. A number of the Year 4’s brought in books from home last week that actually tied into this perfectly and so I hope others may have a look for any books they may have about rainforest animals.

In maths the Year 4 will start a new focus on converting measurements and looking at perimeter. This will continue into the first week after the holidays too.

After looking at liquids last week in science we turn out attention to gases this week. I love science and so am very pleased I’ll be back to do a number of gaseous experiments with them on Thursday.

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