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Investigator Class, Week 5, Term 3

Last week seemed to go in a flash. The class really got into our look at the persuasive language of adverts – it was interesting to see how many ‘straplines’ from well-known products and chains they knew. This week we continue with this work by writing a tourist advert for a South American city or country that we have researched. Our South American work also continues by looking at the trade and industry from the continent. We will be looking at how many South American products we actually see in the UK.

Both year groups enjoyed experiments in science last week – the Year 4’s could not believe how good their newly formed solid (aka butter) tasted!. Work continues with States of Matter this week looking at the viscosity of liquid.

I have been so very impressed with the way Year 4 have embraced programming in our IT lessons. It is wonderful to see their enthusiasm and determination to get a procedure to work – I can almost hear the cogs turning! Last week we were looking at colour and fill for our repetitive patterns and I hope you will agree they came up with some amazing programmed patterns…

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