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Investigator Class, Week 4, Term 3

Last week started in a wonderfully calm manner with our first yoga session. I think the children found it harder than they thought they would and some found the stillness quite challenging! I look forward to starting the week off in a similar way this week.

At a different point of the activity range, the Year 5 girls did a fabulous job representing Nettlebed in their football tournament on Thursday. It was wonderful to hear the reports of how hard they all tried, how their skills improved and for one, how their heart had apparently never beat as fast!

This week our work on South America shifts to the human aspect of the continent. We will be looking at the difference between Physical and Human Geography and focusing in on tourism. This will lead into our English sessions on the persuasive writing of adverts. The children first, though, will be finishing some of their poems from last week – I have been so pleased by how they have been using similes in their writing.

Maths again will be focusing for both year groups on formal methods of multiplication and division. I cannot stress enough how important it is that the children know their times tables – it makes all the difference. Please encourage practice at home.

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