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Investigator Class, Week 6, Term 2

Well done to all the children who made stars for the tree. I was very impressed by the inventiveness of them and the number who had chosen to use natural or recycled materials. Investigator has the prime view of the tree so I am sure we will enjoy it over the remaining weeks of term.

Our topic on King Alfred begins to draw to a close this week with the class finishing their newspaper articles on the Battle of Edington. We will then learn how Publisher software can transform our pieces into published newspapers. We will also look at the kings that followed King Alfred, especially his grandson King Athelstan, and discuss who was greater.

We will be having a special art session this week looking at medieval manuscripts and especially their illuminated letters. The class will be designing and creating their own initial in the style of an illuminated letter. Look out for photos next week…

Our indoor PE this half term has been looking at dance and movement. In groups we have been choreographing a story set in Anglo-Saxon times which moves from a misty opening to a seaward journey and last week the beginnings of a battle. The children did really well understanding the importance of ‘stillness’ in in depicting a battle scene in dance. I look forward to seeing them progressing their stories this week.

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