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Investigator Class: Week 4

Hello and welcome to week 4 of this term.

Last week I saw the children returning to school with such joy in their faces and so much enthusiasm in everything they did! The children did tire towards the end of the week but I think we successfully navigated a full return to school. I have loved having a full class again!

This week we will be gently working towards full sessions with some breaks if needed. I will be conducting some of our first assessments but I will be helping the children through these as needed - they really are nothing to worry about.

We will be exploring the main rivers in India -where they begin, where they end and what happens when they flood! We will refresh our learning of the Water Cycle and even have a try at a soundscape!

The children will have PE on Wednesday and Friday if in Y4 and just Friday if in Y5. Forest School is on Wednesdays for Y5 as usual. Please do ensure that your child has a waterproof coat and a spare pair of shoes to play in the walled garden - this allows us to give them extra time outside when the lower school bubble are using the playground.

As ever, please do get in touch if I can help with anything.

Have a great week ahead.

Mrs Burbedge

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