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Investigator Class, Week 3, Term 2

I am looking forward to seeing an array of Odd Socks on Monday as Odd Socks Day returns for 2022 as part of the anti-bullying week and to celebrate all of our individuality. This will be discussed more with the children during assembly and in our PSHE lesson this week.

The children’s creative juices flowed last week as they wrote character and scene descriptions during our study of Beowulf. I was so impressed with how inventive some of the class are becoming with their word choice and descriptions. We aim to build on this with further work on legends this week. By the end of the week the children will have planned and written their own legend based around a true event in King Alfred’s life. I am looking forward to seeing what Alfred has to overcome, how they develop the ‘bad’ side of their legend and what beasts they may create…

This week will also see Bikeability happening at school for the Year 5 and 6 children. This will no doubt add much excitement to the week and will cause some slight timetable adjustments but I am sure all of Investigators will remain focused when in the classroom. Year 5 parents, please refer to my email and I look forward to seeing Year 5 bringing in their bikes on Monday and Thursday. Apart from some missing classmates at times, Year 4 will be having a normal week.

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