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Investigator Class, Week 3, Term 4

It was lovely to be back all together last week for busy and fun week. World Book Day was definitely a highlight; thank you for those who dressed up, there were some really thoughtful costumes and I enjoyed the range of books.

In Literacy we have been looking at the rules of dialogue. Following the wonderful author talk last week by Rab Ferguson we have also been creating our own aliens and recapping some previous work on descriptions. This will come together this week when the class write a conversation between themselves and their alien.

Maths and Science both start new topic areas this week with fractions and forces respectively. In our Topic we continue to look at the Shang Dynasty focusing on their kings and gods. This will also tie in with our RE from last week when we tried to understand what made something sacred. This will be developed further this week when we look at sacred books, in particular the bible.

In between all this learning, the school is very fortunate to be able to participate in the wonderful activities of the Henley Youth Festival. For Investigators this week this involves:

Thursday 9th March

Year 4 – Stefan Gates ‘The Rude Science Show’ at the Kenton Theatre

Year 5 – Young Shakespeare Company’s production of Hamlet in the school hall

Friday 10th March

Years 4&5 – Flamenco Workshop in the school hall. The children should still wear school uniform but if they have ‘swishy’ skirts or waistcoats this would add to the experience.

I was super impressed to the see the Year 4’s swimming skills this week. With Year 4 swimming, this has changed Investigators ‘dress-code’ for the week:

Monday – Years 4 & 5 PE kit

Tuesday – School uniform + Forest School kit for Year 5

Wednesday – School uniform + Swimming kit for Year 4 (along with clarinets!)

Thursday – School uniform

Friday – School uniform (no PE for Year 4 due to swimming)

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