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Investigator Class: Term 5, Week 3

Week 3 already!? The children had a brilliant week considering the speed limit within the village and who we would direct a speech to, should we wish to change it. We watched a passionate speech by Greta Thunberg for inspiration then wrote some fabulous speeches to persuade Oxfordshire County Council to change the speed limit through Nettlebed to make our High Street safer.

This week, we will be writing up our directional instructions. Then we will be doing some improvisational drama before writing out our own scripts.

In maths, Y4 will be embarking on a new unit of work on Money. In science we will continue our learning on ’Forces’.

Please can I ask you to ensure that the children have a healthy snack each day for break time? Those children who have a hot lunch, sometimes don’t bring a snack in and they’re very hungry by break time.

With the coming warmer days, the children are shedding their jumpers and hoodies by lunchtime. So that we can make it easier to reunite clothing with children, please make sure that all uniform is labelled. It really does save so much time! Thank you :)

Have a brilliant week,

Mrs Burbedge

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