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Investigator Class: Term 5, Week 1

A very warm welcome back to you all! I hope your Easter break was fun and restful. I’m so looking forward to welcoming the children back into the classroom.

We begin the term by focusing on ‘commitment‘ as part of our RE unit and linking this to a week of poetry in English. We will look at different types of poetry and have a try at memorising and performing too!

We will be continuing our unit on decimals in maths this week before moving on to a whole new unit.

Our topic is Nettlebed & Transport which offers us a fabulous opportunity to learn so much about our village and local area. We will be undertaking some fieldwork involving mapping and sketching, as well as familiarising our knowledge on points of the compass.

Mental Arithmetic homework is due in on Wednesday, English Skills homework is due in on Thursday as usual. Please ensure that your child’s homework is completed and handed in.

Wishing a wonderful first week back to school.

Mrs Burbedge

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