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Investigator Class: Term 3 Week 6

It was a very different week last week; I have been out of class but Mrs Greenwood and Mrs Mayor have been keeping the children beautifully busy!

Last week, the children were immersed in mountain tourism and wrote their own tourist guides for their chosen mountain range. This week, the children will be thinking about mountain survival - beginning the week with considering the essential and optional equipment they will need to survive in a mountainous climate, should anything do wrong. Y5 will be able to put some knowledge acquired on their trip to Kilvrough here...

In maths, we continue our unit of learning on fractions. We will be exploring 'inner peace' as we continue our exploration of our RE unit on 'Peace'. We will think about what inner peace means for ourselves and others and how this could be different.

Please ensure the children have a healthy snack - preferably a piece of fruit - for snack time at 10:30, their lunchtime is quite late and if they have a hot lunch, they can be really hungry during maths with no snack.

It really does help them in lessons.

Wishing you all a wonderful week,

Mrs Burbedge

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