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Investigator Class - Term 3: Week 4

Welcome to a very different week in Investigator Class!

Year 4 will be in school this week, under the fabulous care of Mrs Greenwood and Mrs Mayor whilst myself and the Year 5s are heading to Kilvrough Manor for the Y5/6 residential trip!

Year 4 will be thinking about how they can persuade me to get a class pet - what pet would be good? What arguments can they use to persuade that a particular pet would be a good choice for the children to look after? They will then write a formal letter to me to make their case - I look forward to reading them and considering their suggestions!

Science will continue the exploration of states of matter and Mrs Mayor with some experiments and demonstrations to further learning of gases.

In maths, Y4 are beginning a new unit on 'area'.

Please do remember to give children a healthy snack to eat at break time - there were quite a few children that were hungry and without snacks last week. It is a very long morning and a small snack really helps them to last until lunchtime.

I hope you all have a great week; myself and Y5 will be back on Monday to share our experiences! Although I am still contactable by email if you need me.

Mrs Burbedge

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