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Investigator Class Term 3: Week 3

We had such a brilliant week last week - a huge well done to everyone! We completed some fantastic writing based on our class text - King of the Cloud Forests. The story seems to have really captured the children's imagination and we are excited to see what happens next!

Do ask your child about the story...

We will reading a little more of the story this week before we write a newspaper report on what is happening. We will be planning this in our writing books before completing the task on the laptops to produce a fully printed article!

Both Y4 & Y5 are working through a maths unit on Multiplication & Division for the next few weeks which will challenge the children to multiply and divide increasingly larger numbers.

In Science, Y5 are working with Mrs Allerton and Mrs Wyatt on a Materials unit whilst Y4 work with me to explore States of Matter: last week we made a solid from liquid - butter from cream! The children were truly amazed. This week we will be exploring liquids in more depth.

Maths homework is due in on Wednesday this week - Section 2, Test 3.

English homework is due in on Thursday this week - Section 2, Test 3.

Please do ensure homework is completed and handed in.

Our weekly spelling test will take place on Thursday too.

Have a great week!

Mrs Burbedge

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