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Investigator Class Term 3: Week 2

Welcome to our first full week!

This week we will be learning more about mountains and mountaineering. We will then explore what we need to know in order to be safe and survive, should we find ourselves embarking on a mountainous expedition!

We will continue our study of King of the Cloud Forests - please do ask the children what has happened in the story so far... We have had some fantastic conversations about what could happen next.

We are working through a maths unit on Multiplication & Division for the next few weeks which will challenge the children to multiply and divide increasingly larger numbers.

Maths homework is due in on Wednesday this week - Section 2, Test 2.

English homework is due in on Thursday this week - Section 2, Test 2.

Our weekly spelling test will take place on Thursday too.

Due to the current rates of Covid, we are keeping classrooms well ventilated so please do encourage the children to wear an extra layer or two to keep warm in class.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs Burbedge

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