• Mrs Burbedge

Investigator Class Term 2: Week 4

Year 5 had a brilliant Forest School session this week - we played a new game called Eagle Eye, there was some lovely forest based play and amazing team work!

Meanwhile... we took full advantage of the dry leaves on the ground in the walled garden and had a lot of fun!

Looking ahead this week

We begin the week by writing some detailed descriptions of some mythical creatures we have created. We will also look at the features of setting descriptions before writing our own. We will also be conducting a writing assessment this week.

In maths, we continue our unit on 'Multiplication & Division' which will involve consolidating our place value knowledge when we multiply and divide by 10 and 100 before we deep dive in to specific times tables.

We will begin our papier-mâché vases on Thursday - could I please ask for anyone with spare newspapers to send them in? It would be greatly appreciated!


I must reiterate this request: children are very hungry by lunchtime at 12:30 if they haven't had a snack during the morning. Particularly children who are having hot lunches as they are unable to take anything from a packed lunch. With the colder weather approaching, it is hard for them to get through the morning without eating. Please could you provide children with a healthy snack to eat at 10:45, it would help them greatly with their learning sessions after break.

Please do ensure all children have a waterproof jacket to come into school, a spare pair of shoes for the walled garden is also now highly recommended as we enter the wetter months.

On Tuesday, Y4 boys have a football tournament and Y5 boys have one on Thursday - don't forget PE kits and water bottles! Good luck to all the boys taking part this week. Football tournaments for girls will be help in Term 3.

REMINDER: Don't forget to bring clarinets into school each Wednesday!


Mental Arithmetic homework should be completed and handed in on Wednesday morning.

English Skills homework should be completed and handed in on Thursday morning.

Spelling Tests take place on Thursday.

Have a fabulous week ahead!

Mrs Burbedge