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Investigator Class Term 1: Week 7

We had a week of looking at poetry: a 'rebel' type of creative writing as it has no rules! We had a live lesson with Michael Rosen which everybody really enjoyed. Then we started our own poems which we will edit and publish this week.

This week:

We will be taking a look at the Countryside Code - and we will produce our own leaflets and posters.

Later in the week we will learn about the features of a recipe before we have an afternoon of making and cooking pumpkin soup! We will then evaluate our cooking the following day.

In maths, we continue to recap on subtraction before completing calculations with multiple exchanges.

Snacks - In the Upper School, break and lunchtime are later. Please encourage your child to bring a piece of fruit to eat at break time if possible, they really are hungry by lunchtime. Please do not provide unhealthy snacks to eat at this time of day. Feel free to contact me if you wish to contribute to fruit provided by school or if you would like assistance in providing a snack.

Please do ensure all children have a waterproof jacket to come into school, a spare pair of shoes for the walled garden is now recommended.


Mental Arithmetic homework should be completed and handed in on Wednesday morning.

English Skills homework should be completed and handed in on Thursday morning.

Spelling Tests take place on Thursday.

Have a lovely week!

Mrs Burbedge

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