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Investigator Class Term 1: Week 6

Last week we wrote some amazing woodland tales. We explored Roman Numerals and began to learn about negative numbers. A number of children represented Nettlebed beautifully in a local cross-country event! It was quite a busy week!

This week:

We will be taking our time to edit our work effectively at the start of the week. Before reading, annotating and performing poems in celebration of #NationalPoetryDay leading up to Thursday 7th October.

We completed our maths unit on Place Value last week; ending the week with a small assessment. We have now begun a new unit of maths: addition & subtraction.

I am excited to introduce our design and technology project to the children this week; food!


Thank you for helping and encouraging the children to complete their homework.

Mental Arithmetic homework should be completed and handed in on Wednesday morning, English Skills homework should be completed and handed in on Thursday morning.

Spelling Tests take place on Thursday.

Snacks - In the Upper School, break and lunchtime are later. Please encourage your child to bring a piece of fruit to eat at break time if possible, they really are hungry by lunchtime. Please do not provide unhealthy snacks to eat at this time of day. Feel free to contact me if you wish to contribute to fruit provided by school or if you would like assistance in providing a snack.

Please do ensure all children have a waterproof jacket to come into school and a spare pair of shoes for the walled garden is definitely recommended.

Have a brilliant week. I look forward to speaking with you during your parents' evening slots. See you then!

With best wishes,

Mrs Burbedge

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