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Investigator Class T1 Wk5

The coming week will be a particularly busy one with some special events. Please see below for details.

This week's learning includes:

Topic Work and Writing

This week we will continue our work on Battles, focusing on them through the eye of poets.

We will take a look at Irish poet Matthew Sweeney's 'Armada' and Alfred, Lord Tennyson's 'The Charge of the Light Brigade'. These two poets re-told events associated with famous battles in their poetry.

Investigator Class will have a go at writing their own narrative poems based on one of the battles they have studied.


In Year 4 we finished our unit of work on rounding with some tricky multi-step problems. I asked the class how they felt about them and responses ranged from 'they were tricky but fun', to 'feeling frustrated'. We worked through the problems together to find systematic and logical ways of solving them.

Year 4 and Year 5 will be working on addition and subtraction next week.


Year 5 continue their work on forces with investigations into Friction.

Year 4 continue their work on Teeth. Please note that Tuesday's lesson will involve the children using plaque disclosing tablets and cleaning their teeth. We will have new toothbrushes for all children and toothpaste in school, so there will be no need to bring anything in. Please contact me on the class email address if you have any questions about this.

Special events this week

  • Year 5 are off to the Henley Literary Festival on Thursday afternoon to see Greg James and Chris Smith and Super Ghost.

  • Skipping workshop for all on Friday.

  • Class Teat Day A thoroughly-deserved class house point win for Investigator means that they will have a treat day next Friday. The children have chosen to wear their own clothes for the day, bring in a cuddly toy (nothing enormous please - we have limited space) and football/pokemon cards. They also plan to build dens. I am not sure how we will fit everything in, but we will also get some work done that day! Please make sure that what they wear is suitable for the skipping workshop. They will need to wear trainers or bring them to change into.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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