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Investigator Class: Final Week of Term!

It was so good to get back into the swing of school with the children last week; it was lovely to see them all! We spent time catching up, writing some mountain survival guides and finished the week off with a brilliant hockey lesson - everyone really enjoyed it.

We will spend the week ensuring that all written work is complete and presented beautifully. We will be removing some beautiful art from the display walls to be sent home so look out for that.

Our main focus for our final week of term is planning and preparing for our DT unit of work which will involve the children planning, preparing and stitching - really honing in their fine motor skills and sewing techniques.

In maths, we continue our unit of learning on fractions.

Please ensure the children have a healthy snack - preferably a piece of fruit - for snack time at 10:30, their lunchtime is quite late and if they have a hot lunch, they can be really hungry during maths with no snack.

It really does help them in lessons.

Maths homework to be handed in on Wednesday morning.

English Skills homework to be handed in on Thursday morning.

Spelling Test Thursday!

Have a brilliant week - I'm looking forward to hearing all about half term plans!

Take care,

Mrs Burbedge

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