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Investigator Class Term 1: Week 4

Last week, we learned some new terms linked to poetry. We found out about syllables, rhyming couplets and sonnets. We then developed and polished some rhyming couplets of our own to add to a leaf and place on our 'Poetree' display in class - photo to follow!

The children also loved providing a 'Best Teaching Assistant Award' along with a cream tea and a cuppa for our wonderful TAs on Friday. They were brilliant at keeping it all a secret to provide a lovely surprise for Miss Stone and Miss Alliston in celebration of #NationalTADay!

This week:

We begin to look at the The Great Outdoors from a more scientific perspective. We will learn the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees, then we will be heading out into the village to spot them in our local area. We will become familiar with different trees and identify the ones we find on our walk.

We continue our maths unit on Place Value this week; we begin to look at comparing and ordering numbers, and negative numbers.


Thank you for helping and encouraging the children to complete their homework - they were very proud to hand it in last week!

Mental Arithmetic homework should be completed and handed in on Wednesday morning, English Skills homework should be completed and handed in on Thursday morning.

Spelling Tests take place on Thursday.

Snacks - In the Upper School, break and lunchtime are later. Please encourage your child to bring a piece of fruit to eat at break time if possible, they really are hungry by lunchtime. Please do not provide unhealthy snacks to eat at this time of day. Feel free to contact me if you wish to contribute to fruit provided by school or if you would like assistance in providing a snack.

Please do ensure all children have a waterproof jacket to come into school with as children are not able to play outside in wet weather without one. The walled garden is quite wet under foot so it is a good idea for children to also have a spare pair of shoes with them too.

Have a brilliant week!

With best wishes,

Mrs Burbedge

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