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In Investigators This Week

We spent last week learning all about Native Americans.

We end our week producing some terrific art which we completed with a hot chocolate as our class treat for obtaining the highest amount of house points the previous week. We each created a totem animal which we will be displaying in our classroom, together as a totem pole!

This week, we will be continuing to explore myths and legends of the Native Americans and produce our own illustrated story.

In Maths, we will be recapping our knowledge of perimeter and then diving deeper into our length and measurement unit. Please encourage the children to keep practising their table facts. I know there has been some confusion around the hand-in day for maths homework. We mark it on Fridays so I am happy for it to be handed in on Fridays, however, early submission is always welcome!

Spelling sentences are due in on Monday morning along with English Skills homework.

You may have heard about our class performance by now? We will be continuing to choreograph and practise this week - the Christmas excitement level is definitely increasing!

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

Mrs Burbedge

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