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In Investigators This Week...

I would just like to start by saying how proud I am of every single child in the class for taking part in last week‘s House Cross Country Competition. They all showed so much grit and determination to finish their races - it was wonderful to witness - a huge well done to everybody!

This week we are beginning to learn about Native Americans - how they lived, where they lived and their relationship with nature. We will be researching and writing a report with our findings. We’ll also explore totem poles, what they represented and how we can design one which fully represents us.

Very soon, we will begin rehearsing for a special Christmas performance -socially distanced and virtual of course - the children may well be wanting to practise for this, watch this space...

I am pleased to say that Investigators Class won the House Contest for last week and we will be having a small treat towards the end of the week. A testament to how hard everyone is working, another enormous well done!

I have had a couple of questions about days homework is handed in - maths was handed on Thursdays last term and, to try and avoid confusion, I have tried to keep it the same this term but as we don’t mark it until Friday, I think it is best to change the day it is handed in to Fridays. Apologies for any confusion! I’m so impressed with how well the children have adapted to extra expectation. If you have noticed that we haven’t marked the most recent maths work, we will be marking it this week, this was because cross-country took precedent last week.

Have a wonderful week.

Mrs Burbedge

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