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In Investigators this week...

We are beginning our week by looking at an American novel - White Fang. We will be reading together in class to find out who White Fang is and will then write our own stories from the point of view of an animal.

In our topic, we will compare time zones, climates and biomes of the UK and USA. We will also begin our study of Native American culture and art.

We will complete our maths unit on multiplication and division; we will be learning about prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers! As well as consolidating our times table fact knowledge.

It is anti bullying week this week -we are highlighting this issue and sparking conversations by wearing odd socks to school tomorrow!

Just a gentle reminder that spelling sentences and English Skills homework are due in on Monday and Maths Arithmetic and timed tables are due in on Friday.

Have a brilliant week!

Take care,

Mrs Burbedge

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