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In Investigators this week...

We are beginning to explore the Battle of Britain! We will be learning some exciting facts about this historic battle and using them to form some ideas as we begin planning a narrative story.

Maths homework has been really successful -we mark this in class every Friday. Just to reiterate; everyone must complete section A of the maths homework, preferably try to complete section B and if your child feels confident, section C too. Please do get in touch with any concerns about the maths homework.

We are wrapping up our maths unit on addition and subtraction this week before recapping and furthering our multiplication knowledge.

Spellings are going really well -we had a huge spelling test last week which the children all tackled with great determination. Their weekly spellings are always in planners; please continue to encourage them to practise these.

This week, we begin our science topic into Sound - we will be conducting some interesting experiments to investigate how sound travels.

Due to our bubble taking lunch and afternoon breaks in the walled garden, it would be a good idea for the children to have a waterproof pair of outdoor shoes to wear; we will be outside for all breaks unless we have torrential rain. It can get quite wet under foot so it would be much more comfortable for the children to have dry feet.

Wishing you a wonderful week and I look forward to talking with you on Zoom!

Mrs Burbedge

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