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In Investigators...

.. we had a brilliant week last week. We were all learning new rules and routines, getting used to being in the classroom again and getting to know each other better. I was so pleased with how hard all the children worked -I think we were all a little tired by the end of the week! We talked about our Class Rules. We decided the most important one is to 'always be kind' both with our words and our actions.

We learned a lot about the Battle of Bannockburn and are beginning to understand the reasons behind this famous battle between King Edward II and King Robert (the Bruce). This week we begin to plan and write our recounts. We will also explore some maps of the UK with a focus on northern England and Scotland.

Our focus in RE this week will be 'faith and beliefs'. We will study people that have exhibited strong faith and belief in their lifetime and, towards the end of the week, consider and discuss our thoughts about our own beliefs.

Forest School with Investigator Year 5s last week was brilliant. It was a real joy to watch the children working together to problem solve and play. Diana has uploaded some further information and photos of our natural tie dyes here if you would like to read more about our session. Apologies for the mix up around uniforms and PE kits last week; Year 5s are to come into school in their school uniform and change into Forest School kit at lunch time. I will arrange for the children to change somewhere more suitable.

In the curriculum letter sent out, I wrote an incorrect email address for our class. It is - which is now fully set up. Please feel free to email with any concerns, however anything pressing or urgent still needs to be sent through the office as I may miss emails during teaching hours.

I hope that you have all had a restful weekend and look forward to an amazing week ahead!

Mrs Burbedge

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