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Ho ho ho

Father Christmas is almost here and Adventure class have been trying very hard to show him how well they can behave! Also this week we have been writing a letter to him to say that we have been nice and we have wrote a list of things that they would like for Christmas using the phonics that we have learned.

In Phonics this week we have focused on igh (insect, girl, horse -so that they can remember) and oa sounds. A few words tried to trick us too: they, you, are and all.

In Maths we have been counting elves and presents using 1:1 correspondence and matching with the same number. They have also began to apply this concept to count more abstract thing like claps, jumps...

We have been very busy making Father Christmas in arts and rehearsing for the big day. On Thursday we had our dress rehearsal and they did a great job; Adventure children are super brave by going up on the stage and saying their sentences and singing their songs, well done to everyone! We are very proud of them! Here you have some lovely pictures of the day (thank you very much Mr.Wright):

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