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History with Ms Hutton: Thursdays for Investigator; Fridays for Endeavour

The history lesson will be at 11.15 on Thursday for Investigator and at 11.15 on Friday for Endeavour. It is my usual password.

This week, you will be learning about Latin, the language of the Romans. You will learn why nobody speaks it anymore and you will learn some very interesting words.

The power point below is the one I shall be using in the lesson. Please don't look at it before the lesson!

You should have received the worksheet in the post. Please find some Latin words, either from the power point presentation or the 'Latin words and their meanings' sheet, draw their meanings and say what the modern English word is. Then write lists of days of the week and months of the year that are derived from Latin. Finally, write the names of some towns in Britain that were Roman.

The Romans spoke Latin
Download PPTX • 19.88MB

Latin words and their meanings
Download PDF • 1.21MB

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