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History with Ms Hutton. The lesson is at 11.15 on Thursday.

The final history lesson with me will be tomorrow for all children in Investigator and Endeavour.

I will teach the children about different types of Roman houses. We will look at how wealthy Romans decorated their homes. I will tell the children about a Roman palace here in England that you may want to visit when we are free to explore our country again.

The children's task following the lesson is to advertise a Roman house for sale: either a domus or a villa.

Your child may also want to create a wonderful mosaic over the half term holiday. I would love to see it if you do!

As always, please don't look at the power point before the lesson.

Roman house for sale work sheet 11.2.21
Download • 15KB

Roman houses, palaces and mosaics JH pow
Download • 32.06MB

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