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Highflyers week ahead

The Highflyers have really enjoyed learning about the different geographical features and cultures in the British Isles. They had great fun using ICT to find more information about the countries.

This week in literacy the Highflyers will learn about traditional tales from different countries in the British Isles. They will continue to focus on using expanded noun phrases and conjunctions in their writing.

In maths they will be consolidating what they have learnt about addition & subtraction, and then being the new unit on learning about money.

In science the children will be learning about rocks and fossils. They will carry out investigations to explore, identify and classify a variety of rocks and group them in different ways.

Spellings this week will be on the sound ‘l’ spelt with ‘il’ and ‘al’ at the end of words.

I look forward to another exciting week ahead with the wonderful Highflyers!

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