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Highflyer class - Week beg. 29.11.21

The Highflyers showed brilliant collaboration skills throughout Science week:

The week ahead...


This week the Highflyers will explore Ancient Greece culture and identify similarities and differences with their own lives. This will include food, music and fashion.


The spelling to learn this week are Adding –ies to nouns and verbs ending in -y.

We will also continue focusing on applying subordinating conjunctions in writing.


We will be finishing the unit on Addition and Subtraction and moving on to Money.

A Winter Woodland Tale

The dress rehearsal is on 9th December. Please could I request your child has their costume in school by then.

Trees – black, brown, grey, white, or green top and trousers with black pumps or trainers

Narrators – Christmas jumper

I look forward to a lovely week ahead with the Highflyers.

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