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Highflyer class - Week beg. 22.11.21

The week ahead..


This week is science week! The children will learn about the life cycles of amphibians, reptilians, birds, insects, fish and mammals (including humans). They will learn what animals need for survival and why, and about food and nutrient groups in food.


This week is focusing on the sound /igh/ spelt with ‘-y’ at the end of words, and Subordinating conjunctions.


We will continue to learn about Adding & Subtracting a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number crossing ten, bonds to 100, and adding 3 1-digit numbers.

A Maths activity to do with the children at home can be found through this link:

Art & DT

The children will paint their pots inspired by Ancient Greece. I look forward to sharing photos of them soon.

I look forward to an exciting week ahead with the wonderful Highflyers!

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