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Highflyer Class Term 1 Week 2

Week beginning 11 September 2023

Well, last week was a scorcher but all the new Highflyers did very well to manage the heat and the new class! Let's hope it might be a little cooler this week!


This week we are starting out on our topic of World War 2 by introducing the book 'Otto - the autobiography of a Teddy Bear'. Firstly, we are finding out facts and designing a fact file about WW2. These will be key events during the war and creating and ordering a time line.

If your family has any interesting information about experiences during the WW2 that is appropriate for Year 2, and you are happy to share, then please pass it to your child to bring to school.


In Year 2 we are starting a new course of books for the whole year. This week we are revising sounds from Y1, so a last term's book will be sent home this week, plus a book of their own choice. Please bring the book in every day with their planner. Books will be collected in on Friday as before.


Alongside the reading scheme is a new spelling resource that builds on the phonics in Year 1. It is brand new, like the reading books and looks to be colourful, bright and engaging. See a screenshot of the different activities that will be used. No spellings will be sent home at the moment.


We are focussing on place value. Starting off with numbers to 20 then counting objects to 100 by making 10s, recognising the tens and ones of a number, using a place value chart and practising partitioning numbers to 100.

Forest School

Forest School will take place on a Tuesday afternoon - for this Tuesday, Group 1 is starting. Your child was sent home with a slip last Thursday in their planner informing you of their group. Please email Highflyer Class if you are still unsure. Your child will need change of clothes that cover their arms and legs, waterproofs/wellington boots for wet weather, hat and drink. Old clothes are ideal as they will undoubtedly get muddy and torn in the wild area at school.

If your child is NOT doing Forest School for the next three Tuesdays, then after a parent request, they can all wear PE kit if it saves confusion. We will trial it and see how it goes.

All Year 2 should wear PE kits to school on a Thursday.

Many thanks and have a lovely week!

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