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Highflyer Class Term 1 Week 1

Welcome back to school and Highflyer Class! Also a special welcome to new students joining us in Year 2.

This first week back will be all about settling in, finding out new routines, enjoying the friendships of being together and looking back over the summer break.


The class will write about themselves and give a recount of what they did over the summer holiday. Students may want to bring in something special from Wednesday with links to an outing, holiday or event/activity to share with the class and help support their writing.


In Year 2 we are starting a new course of books for the whole year. These build on from Year 1 but they will be used for a longer time, perhaps a couple of weeks. These should start from next week. For this week, a Year 1 book from the summer term will be used as a reading resource plus a book of their own choice. Please bring the book in every day. They will be collected in on a Friday as before.


This week, the children will explore how the numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9 can all be composed of two parts where 5 is one of the parts. The focus is on identifying the composition of these numbers only where 5 is a part, rather than finding all the bonds of an individual number.

Forest School and PE

This will take place on a Tuesday afternoon - but please read the curriculum letter (sent by email) for further details. There is a change in groupings, please check it carefully when it arrives.

Children should wear PE kits to school on a Thursday.

Please visit the class page every week to find out more about the activities of the following week. An email will be sent with the curriculum letter attached. Please let me know if you haven't received it by the end of Wednesday this week. Just send a note in via your child giving me your current email address. Your last email address has been moved to the Highflyer Class email and I want to check that all parents can receive emails correctly.

Many thanks and have a lovely week!

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