• Mrs Greenwood

Global Citizenship in Endeavour

Welcome to Term 6 and Global Citizenship as a whole school topic. I hope you have all had a wonderful week. This term in Endeavour we will be looking at how the governments of different countries work internationally with others to work together. We will be starting with the European Union this week and the debates surrounding Brexit.

We will also start our new science topic of 'Space' plus in IT we will be revisiting internet safety and what it looks like as we are growing up and all the different aspects.

In PE we will be starting our athletics block of work in preparation for Sports day shortly as well as begin initial play rehearsals. PE remains on the same days as previously.

Mr Stainsby continues to teach the class for the next few weeks with Mrs Greenwood overseeing alongside Mrs Allerton who has worked with the class all year. Please direct any questions or concerns to Mrs Greenwood.