• vyoldi

Fireworks week

New term, new adventures. Adventure children have really enjoyed our first week doing activities related with our topic of the term "Festivals and Celebrations".

To begin with, this week we have learned about Guy Fawkes story and why we watch fireworks these days. Adventure children were glad that Guy Fawkes failed on his plan and since then we celebrate it with fireworks. We have created a lovely display in the classroom with fireworks made of salt.

Also buddy time was a great fun drawing fireworks on the playground and talking about how to keep safe during bonfire night.

In Phonics we have done a recap of our HFW or tricky words, I, go, to, no, the, and. Also, we have learned new sounds j, v, w and x.

In Maths we have learnt to compare and describe sets of objects and use the language "fewer than" and "more than".

Miss Gonzalez