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Final week of Term - Highflyers

It is our final week of term and the Highflyers will be having well deserved celebrations in view of all their hard work this term.


This week we will be researching hot and cold countries with the aim of creating a travel brochure and TV advert for a country of their choice. We will focus on the persuasive language used to entice travellers.


SPaG this week will be consolidating what the children have learnt this term and will have a focus on the common exception words learnt so far in the academic year.


In Maths we will finish statistics and carry out consolidation activities based on the term’s units.


The children will be making the energy bars they have designed for an artic expedition.


This week the children will continue to use the recorder to experiment with sounds, pitch, melody, rhythm, timbre and dynamics.

Have a brilliant week!

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