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Final Week in Challenger

Just two days left of Year 1! It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with your children this year. They have all made so much progress in so many ways and we have had some fun and laughter along the way. This is quite an emotional time of year for the adults who have worked in Challenger Class this year as we prepare to say goodbye for the summer and wish them well in Year 2. I look forward to seeing them continue their journey at Nettlebed and maybe I'll even get to teach them again one day!

Please scour the children's bedrooms for:

  • Reading Books - shared readers or any other school reading books

  • Ocarinas

... and bring them back to school before the end of term.

Mr Wright's photos of Sports Day can be viewed and downloaded here until 19th July: access code sports23

Sports Day Gallery - what a lovely morning we had!

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