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Final Week in Challenger

It was a fabulous finale to our Term 4 topic when 'Those History People' brought the Great Fire of London workshop to us on Monday. We all enjoyed it (adults and children alike) and it was a joy to see all children so thoroughly immersed in the activities - making, learrning and role-playing. Huge thanks to the parents who helped out on the day - you did a fantastic job and helped to make this a very special occasion for the children.

The rest of the week had a science focus - the Human Body and The Senses. Children carried out a range of experiments and investigations to help them further their understanding of how we sense the world around us.

Next week's learning

Phonics g, ge, dge , as in the words giant, large, badge

Please look out for words containing these graphemes when you are reading with your children this week.

Reading - Shared Reader 55 - In The Attic

Learning Objectives:

Reading: Be encouraged to link what they read or hear read to their own experiences.

Writing: Use an apostrophe for ‘it’s’ as a contraction of ‘it is’.


We continue the unit on Time with a particular focus oncomparing units of time.

PE - Orienteering on Monday - We will be orienteering using the whole school site. Please bring wellies or similar as the walled garden is likely to be wet and muddy.

Photos from last week

Great Fire of London workshop

Investigating Hearing - How does sound reach our ears?

Investigating Sight - Peripheral Vision

Investigating Taste. We counted taste buds. They are invisible and sit on top of our papillae. Our results may have showed that we have some hypotasters, normal tasters and some supertasters.

We carried out some blind and no-smell taste tests. Children had to identify the taste - sweet, salty, umami (svaoury), sour or bitter.

We tricked the children with three bowls of differently coloured vanilla yoghurt. After tasting each one they happily labelled them with different fruit flavours. I did apologise for lying to them!

Easter Bonnets

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