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Final week, Highflyers

Tuesday: KS1 & Early Years Cross-Country (weather permitting)

Children should wear PE kits to school please.

Thursday: ‘Local Great Outdoors Walk’.

Linking to Science week, we will carry on investigating different animals and habitats by going on a walk around our local area.

It is likely to be muddy so please provide children with appropriate outdoor wear and shoes to go over their PE kits.


This week the Highflyers will write poetry based on Autumn and Halloween.


We will use this week to consolidate what the Highflyers have learnt this term.


We will continue the unit on Addition & Subtraction. This week is on 10 more and 10 less, Add and Subtract 10s, Add by making ten, and Add a 2-digit and 1-digit number crossing ten.

I look forward to an exciting week ahead with the wonderful Highflyers!

Science week:

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