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Endeavour Class - Term 6 - Week 4

Dear Parents,

We continue to focus on learning our play - A Midsummer Night's Dream. Costumes have been discussed with your child and please send in anything you may have at home - it could be an adult t-shirt works well as a tunic with belt, or a shirt with a collar and a scarf for a tie or belt will also be good too. Basic colours have been suggested. We do have some clothing in school but please have a rummage first at home and send into school in a bag with your child's name on it. Also, please ensure your child comes to school with their script everyday - hopefully this week they should know their lines without needing it.

Next week is the performance day!

In maths we are studying geometry and properties of shape. Angles, triangles and using a protractor will be our focus. Just a reminder that assessments in different subjects will also be taking place at different points over the next two weeks.

There is English Skills homework to hand in and mark on the Wednesday morning and Maths homework and a spelling test on Thursday. Please remember to bring your homework to school on the day it should be marked.

P.E. days are Tuesday and Wednesday this term. Year 5 have Forest School on Wednesday.

Kind regards

Mrs Wyatt

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