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Endeavour Class: Term 5, Week 1

Welcome to Summer Term 1!!

It's so lovely to have the children back in class again...

Our topic this term is called In the Field. We will begin the term by focusing on some more global geographical knowledge with some research of the 7 Wonders of the World. The children will then write a fact file using their research.

Year 5 will be working through some assessments this week, both maths and reading, whilst Year 6 work through some SATS revision. Maths learning for Year 6 is Area & Perimeter.

Auditions for the upper school play will take place this Thursday - all children will be given the opportunity to audition, parts will then be allocated. We are all very excited to begin working on our production, the week following SATS.

Please do encourage the children to ensure that they are completing their homework to hand in - Y6 should be completing SATS Bootcamp activities.

Please find this term's curriculum newsletter and timetable on our class page here.

I hope you all have a lovely first week back to school.

Mrs Burbedge

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