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Endeavour Class: Term 4, Week 5

We kick our new week off with a house assembly together on Monday morning. These assemblies are always a brilliant opportunity for the older children to polish their leadership skills and work together with children across the school.

In writing this week, we will be working on a short but descriptive character description for the children's fantasy story - due to so many extra curricular activities happening last week, we have postponed full planning and writing until this week. We have looked at the features we need to include and we will drill down on a specific dilemma or 'quest' that characters will experience.

Y6 will continue their preparation for SATS whilst they work through a unit of maths learning on 'Decimals, Fraction & Percentages'.

The Y6 measuring session has been changed to this Friday. Also on Friday, both Y5 and Y6 will have the chance to compete in a Bridge competition! Good luck to them!

This week is our Parents' Evening - I look forward to seeing you either Tuesday or Thursday.

Have a wonderful week,

Mrs Burbedge

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