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Endeavour Class: Term 4, Week 3

We have had such a busy start to the term and this week will be no different!

We begin the week with a history lesson about Shang religion and beliefs around Gods and Kings. The children will work on some information posters that they will present to the class whilst we all make notes about specific beliefs people had. This topic is lending itself well to a number of brilliant debates about the reliability of historical evidence and how we make our assumptions about the past.

In maths, year 6 will be completing a unit of learning on Decimals before having a small assessment and beginning a unit to refresh Decimals, Fractions & Percentages. We are of course practising SATS questions as much as we can too.

On Thursday, as part of the Henley Youth Festival we have a performance of Shakespeare's Hamlet for Y5 and 6 to watch - we are all VERY excited about that!

As ever, please do ensure that the children have a water bottle, healthy snack, planner and pencil case with them every day. We are trying to focus on them being organised with these things so any help would be much appreciated!

I hope you have a great week ahead,

Mrs Burbedge

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