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Endeavour Class: Term 3, Week 5

Last week we explored some tourist advertisements then highlighted and noted some of the persuasive language used. Following some research of a chosen South American country, we then wrote our own advertisements. We will begin this week by creating our own four-page leaflet using Microsoft Publisher. We will then turn our attention to writing an explanation text about the rainforests.

In maths this week, year 6 are continuing their unit of learning on Algebra - it has certainly been challenging but the children have worked hard to understand their learning and apply that knowledge.

Science this week will consist of a lesson on Dissolving, Mixtures and Changes of State for all years 5s and 6s.

I hope that final preparations for Yenworthy go smoothly, the adults are pretty excited to be sharing this wonderful, unforgettable experience with them. As ever, please get in touch with me at should you need to discuss anything before our trip.

Have a wonderful week,

Mrs Burbedge

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