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Endeavour Class: Term 2, Week 4

We had a really productive yet busy week last week - the children thoroughly enjoyed our visit from Pudsey and the team supporting Angelos riding from Wallingford to London. I hope you managed to catch the footage on The One Show on Tuesday. If not, do check out BBC iPlayer!

In DT, we further explored bridges - the children were set the task to build a bridge with beams, pillars and a specific truss to strengthen it:

There is one more group to add! We then tested them to see if they would hold a 500g weight - some were definitely sturdier than others but all the groups reflected well on their learning and understand how to improve their designs should they do it again.

This week we begin our English learning by reading and examining some biographies before attempting to write one about Phillippe Petit - the man who walked between the twin towers - after learning of his story last week.

We also plan to learn all about Thanksgiving this week, we will bake some pumpkin pies and celebrate on Thursday 23rd November as part of our topic learning.

There will be a bake sale for Children in Need this coming Friday - please do feel free to bring in any cake donations and leave them in reception.

Have a lovely week,

Mrs Burbedge

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